Rustic Backyard Wedding GTA

This rustic backyard wedding was held at the groom’s family home in the beautiful woodlands of Uxbridge. The couple, Jazlyn and Ian had a very intimate wedding day with supportive family and friends. Even their sweet poodle, Scully, got to play a special role in the wedding day, received tons of attention and charmed all of the guests! Scully even got to be there while the couple had their romantic First Look.

The beautiful, talented bride grew all of the flowers for her wedding day and Big Doug’s Texas BBQ catered the event. It was a fun-loving and light hearted day and luckily the weather was great. A lovely touch was that each guest was given their own individual mini bottle of champagne. You can tell from the photos that the couple wanted to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all their family and friends to relax, have fun and celebrate.