7 Great Reasons to Have a Small Wedding

With the constant increase in the number of couples who prefer small event, small weddings are most popular among brides and grooms.

Here are 7 practical reasons you haven’t heard yet that makes this the new direction to go:

1. More monies to plan for your future together!
Smaller weddings mean more funds that can go towards a honeymoon, your trip of a lifetime. Or wouldn’t you honestly like to use your money as a down payment on a home? The possibilities are endless!

2. Celebrate a memorable day in your life with just those you love
You will feel more relaxed being surrounded by the people you love most and feeling so comfortable with each of your guests. Small weddings are personal and intimate rather than mega-productions ensuring you will both have been fully present at your own wedding day! You will never forget those sweet memories.

3. Focus on what’s most important
With a small guest list, suddenly you have the possibility of a stunning venue that’s perfect for the size of your wedding. Or perhaps your dream is to have a talented musical group play on your special day. Does the bride drool over a Vera Wang dress? This is all achievable with a smaller guest list.

4. Spending quality time with your guests
No strangers or awkward moments when you only have your inner circle in life to attend your wedding. You will get to go and visit and spend quality time with each especially invited guest instead of rushing from table to table trying to keep track of who you’ve thanked for coming.

5. Many options for small venues
A whole new world of small wedding venues are suddenly open to you. Creative possibilities such as a charming bed and breakfast, chic restaurants, elegant vintage cafes, art galleries, greenhouses, boats or urban lofts. You could even consider the bargain of a condo party room… what a deal!

6. Easier to plan
If you’re both working full-time already, more guests mean more planning time. Every new wedding component or vendor involves communication, added expenses, meetings and creating another vendor relationship. With 75 or fewer guests, your to-do list instantly shrinks. And less stress, how attractive is that! This means fewer planning meetings, fewer wedding vendors to organize making staying on budget easier to manage. Sounds appealing?

7. Make it a family gathering
When you put down the names of just your closest family members have you already reached 50 guests? With a smaller wedding it’s possible to have the sentimental elements of an intimate celebration at a family home and garden. Those memories are priceless!

Written by Sarah Bunnett-Gibson
Licensed Officiant
Telephone: 416 967 9322
Website: http://sarahbunnett-gibson.com

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