Tips for Engagement Photos

Whether you are having a traditional, destination or a pop-up wedding your engagement photos are as important as your wedding ones! A lot of couples have all kinds of questions about engagement sessions: what to wear, when to shoot and where to take the photos. I tend to send out a ton of information via email leading up to the session, but I though it wouldn’t hurt to share two tips here! 

Get to know your photographer: It is great way to get to know your photographer and them to know you before the big day. Think about it the photographer is going to be with you all day, having established a relaxed relationship with your photographer is one less thing to stress about.

Use the photo session as a trial run: What a better way to test out your hair and makeup before your wedding giving yourself a no pressure preview of what to expect. After an engagement session you will be posing like a star on a red carpet having learnt all the tricks of the trade.

An Adventurous Winter Engagement Session

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Getting married is a project for two, so it’s best to divide your duties for easier planning. As they always say, two heads are better than on. For example, you can have the groom manage the wedding photography and honeymoon activities, while the bride manages the styling and overall theme of the wedding. Remember to have fun and let your partner know that this is the most exciting project you’ll ever do together.

Wedding Day Timeline!

An excellent tip to a successful wedding is a solid timeline. Along with your wedding planner, make sure to create a seamless timeline, from the moment of your arrival, down to the very last minute of the wedding. It is ideal to follow a system, especially when organizing your wedding photography. Make sure to allot some time adjustments, just in case.

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